The following are vital questions you must ask when engaging the services of a builder or any type of tradesman.

1. Do you give a free written quotation (not an estimate)?

2. Do you have Public Liability insurance and will your quotation state this?

3. Do you give a guarantee and what is its duration? (Will it be worth the paper it’s written on)?

4. Do you charge VAT? If so does your quotation state your VAT number?

5. Will your personally be carrying out the work or will you sub-contract?

6. Will you be on site for the duration of the works (not leaving to do another job at the same time/in between)?

7. What will your projected start date be, will this be stated on your quotation?

8. How long do you anticipate the job will take?

9. Will your quotation state that all materials are to be provided by yourselves?
(other than those which have been agreed to be supplied by the client).

10. Will you require use of the house facilities?

11. Will your quotation state that all waste materials will be removed from site?

12. Will your quotation state that you will leave the house clean and tidy every evening?

13. Will your quotation state payment procedures? (Progression of any interim payments and when final payment is expected)?

14. Always insist on SIGNED receipts for all payments.